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CS upgrades -> CS800 ENTERPRISE
CS800 ENT CTRL 2xET25G SFP CBL - + 43 616.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC2E25-OPT
CS800 ENT CTRL 2xET25G TWAX CBL - + 43 515.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC2E25-DAC
CS800 ENT CTRL 4XET10G RJ45 CBL - + 19 815.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC4E10-RJ45
CS800 ENT CTRL 4XET10G SFP CBL - + 39 744.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC4E10-OPT
CS800 ENT CTRL 4XET10G TWAX CBL - + 31 044.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC4E10-TWAX
CS800 ENT CTRL 4xET25G SFP CBL - + 43 770.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC4E25-OPT
CS800 ENT CTRL 4XFC16G SFP CBL - + 40 401.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC4FC16-OPT
CS800 ENT M1 CTRL 4xET25G DAC CBL - + 36 193.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EC4E25-DAC
CS800 ENT SYS INTF 2X ETH10G MMF - + 4 712.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EPIFC-2OPT
CS800 ENT SYS INTF 2X ETH10G TWAX - + 4 531.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EPIFC-2TWAX
Upgrades -> Zone 1-3
Decision on country zone 1-3 for ENTERPRISE - + 0.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: V:CS8M1-ESYSU-MPFR-Z1-3
CS upgrades -> CS800 ENTERPRISE
CS800 ENT CAPACITY UPG 51T - + 1 465 659.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EPCUG-51
CS800 ENT CAPACITY UPG 51T FU - + 1 465 956.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EPCUG-51L
CS800 ENT CAPACITY UPG 51T HW - + 1 465 659.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EPCUG-HW-51
CS800 ENT LICENSE DAE - + 46 701.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EPL-DAE
CS800 ENT LICENSE VEEAM - + 46 701.00 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CS800-EPL-VEEAM


Please, pay attention to the following notes before configuring a system:
The service price for CS800 M1 systems depends on the country in which the equipment is operated. It is not the country into which the system has been delivered, instead it is always the country of operation. This is essential for the customer offer / quote elaboration.
There are some countries for which service cannot be offered and a few for which export control regulations prescribe a permission (which usually is granted).
Please, verify availability and pricing in every case BEFORE you submit a customer offer.
Zones & country details: see config-hints

CS800 enterprise HD 204TB / (max 1020TB), MP, LINE CRYP + SED HDD
= CS800 M1 ENTERPRISE SYSTEM with HIGH DENSITSY SHELF containing HDD with a NET CAPACITY (usable) of 204TB (24x HDD 12TB / 3,5'') ;
System provides ENCRYPTION for DATA-IN-FLIGHT (line encryption) and ENCRYPTION for DATA-AT-REST (uses SED- HDD's / Self-Encrypting Drives).

hardware components included:
- 384G RAM;
- 3x ETH1G-RJ45 interface (1 for service / 1 for management / 1 for IPMI) incl. 1 cable ETH1G-RJ45 25ft;
- 2x ETH10G onboard with 2x slot for SFP (set of 2x SFP plus cable has to be added in configuration process (mandatory) - decide between optical MMF and TwinAx)
NOT INCLUDED: CTRL FC16G / interface FibreChannel FC16G

Hardware identification: The system has a system serial number assigned which is the primary key / system ID for all communication (e.g. service, system expansion, ...)
The system serial number is communicated as part of the shipment (box label and chassis label) and is part of the shipping documents. The system serial number remains the same throughout the system expansion. Independent from the system serial number all enclosures of the configuration have their own hardware serial number.

SOFTWARE function set: MULTIPROTOCOL (provides support for Fibre Channel) - All ENTERPRISE systems will be shipped with MULTIPROTOCOL licensing
licenses included: Data-at-Rest Encryption; Data-in-Flight Encryption (AES128, AES256 or TLS+AES256);
NAS connectivity (NFS, CIFS/SMB) ; VTL (offers max 512 VirtualTapeDrives (VTD) to hosts / clients); path to tape (PTT), backup application specific tape support (max 24 concurrent PTT's); DXi Accent (client dedup and compression, valid per MediaServer); replication (DXi family internal); Veritas OST support (OpenStorageBackup)
License Activation for initial shipment: all licenses are factory activated, no activity required from customer / deployment team
License Activation for upgrades / capacity expansions: scope of delivery contains an envelope with a license serial number; license serial number needed to get the license key for operation; getting the license key: log in into Quantum WEB-page, enter the license serial number and request the updated license key.
Note: Quantum maintains a data base for field installations.
license options:
- DAE - Dynamic Application Environment - enables VM functionality for the system (this excludes the use of the optional VEEAM license)
- VEEAM support - enables the integration of VEEAM Backup and Replication (this excludes the use of the optional DAE license)

RACK & CABLING: System with 204TB consumes 6HU in a 19'' rack;
Base system consists out of two boxes: 1x server 2HU/0TB plus 1x Storage subsystem 4HU/204TB net (Storage subsystem has max capacity 510TB, up to 3x capacity upgrades for this device)
RACK mount kit(s): RMK is included (for mounting into a metric 4-post rack)
Data cabling: cabling for rack internal connections is included - except for ETH1G service / IPMI; all cabling for connections outside of the rack must be configured separately.
Power cabling / mains connection:
server enclosure has IEC 320 C14 outlet, cable provides IEC 320 C13/C14 connectors
storage subsystem enclosure has IEC 320 C19/C20 outlet (16A), cable provides IEC 320 C19 connectors recommended power distribution unit (PDU) for rack integration:
single phase: S26361-F5560-E111 (PDU basic 32A CEE blue 36x10A + 6x16A; max current 32A !).
3-phase: S26361-F5560-E130 (PDU basic 16A CEE red 36x10A + 12x16A; max current 16A ! )
further information/options:

optional hardware components
- CAPACITY EXPANSION: System can be expanded by adding external capacity expansions (CS800-EPCUG-102 // CS800-EPCUG-102-L)
- each providing 102TB net capacity. When adding capacity to a 510TB configuration, a new chassis will be shipped consuming another 4HU in rack.
Up to 8 external capacity expansions can be added (max capacity 1020TB, consuming 10HU in rack).
- ADDITIONAL INTERFACES for data transfer: the following controller can be added up to a quantity of 4 in any combination:
-- FibreChannel controller - 4x FC16G MMF, interface LC- connector --> CS800-EC4FC16-OPT
-- Ethernet Controller - 4x ETH10G MMF, interface LC- connector --> CS800-EC4E10-OPT
-- Ethernet Controller - 4x ETH10G, interface RJ45- connector --> CS800-EC4E10-RJ45
-- Ethernet Controller - 4x ETH10G, interface TwinAx- connector --> CS800-EC4E10-TWAX
system requires onsite installation service
Zdjęcie: CS800 M1 ENTERPRISE
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