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Load Win10 Pro(64) Clean Image NEE

Clean Image pre-installation - recommended for Microsoft Autopilot Deployment

''Clean Image'' pre-installation contains, apart from the Windows operating system and the required Office (trial) package, no further 3rd party software application, added by the OEM.
For example, e.g. McAfee security software, Cyberlink multimedia and playback software, Corel compression / unzipping program and the so-called Windows apps, such as Fresh Paint, Calculator?, One Calender, Quick Lock, etc., are not included.
Please note that Microsoft adds Windows 10 apps to their OS. OEMs have no influence on that.

With the ''Clean Image'' we follow the recommendations of Microsoft regarding the use with ''Autopilot Deployment'' as well as ''Modern Desktop Image'':

- Don‘t get in the way of the provisioning process
- Don‘t include anything that customers would object to
- Windows hardware/firmware requirements are covered
- Most recent version of Windows 10
- Office OEM trial is preinstalled
- Windows 10 features not disabled or removed
- No third-party antivirus, antimalware, firewall, disk encryption, disk backup/recovery, or other third-party security software is preinstalled
- No third-party browser software should be installed
- No additional tiles may be added to the Start Menu OEM groups

Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Ukrainian

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