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MAC-Address System, Delivery note, Box

Brief description:
The MAC-addresses of all ordered systems, which are needed for the integration into the network as well as for the inventory, are printed on rating label of the systems, on the box label and on the delivery note. Therewith they are immediately available - completely without unpacking and browsing.

- Optimisation of the rollout.

- Quick and smooth integration of the systems into the network.

- Simplified installation, maintenance (service and support management) and administration of the computer equipment.

- Easier and faster inventory.

The MAC (=Media Access Control) -address is the individual address of each system in the network. This one is read out by dint of a tool. Without the MAC-address the system cannot be connected to the network.

The exact MAC-address of each system is read out during the production process and is printed on the cabinet, on the box label and on the delivery note.

Due to its uniqueness the MAC-address can be used as inventory number by the customer as well. Therewith the customer has not to create new inventory numbers, whereby time and costs are reduced. Also the execution of running inventories is much easier.

The MAC-addresses on the box label and on the delivery note make the rollout to a piece of cake. Furthermore, due to the immediate availability of the MAC-addresses simplifies the installation of large quantities at location and its organisation extensively.

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