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special CMOS settings

Brief description:
We set the CMOS values already during the production. For this purpose the customer provides the adequate CMOS listing and declares the appropriate BIOS revision. (contains the made4you service CUZ:BIOS-FRZ_*)

- Due to the setting of the CMOS values ex factory the customer is not troubled by later changes, which involve besides additional work an increased error risk, too.

- Each system is equal: The installation and the maintenance are extensively simplified, with it the customer saves time and money.

The CMOS settings are defined by the user and play an important role in defining the system behaviour - not only during the boot process.

We customise the CMOS settings to the individual demands of our customers. This makes, for example, the use of a predefined password or boot sequence possible. The system could then be booted, for example, via LAN.

The demanded settings are evaluated on the basis of a test system and automatically saved as presetting later during the production process.

For the setting ex factory a precondition is, that the appropriate BIOS revision has to be freezed, because if the BIOS revision changes, perhaps special CMOS setting will be left out or additionally will be added.

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