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Box in Box pack. of System and Accessor.

Box in Box packaging - covering box
Can only be ordered in combination with a Bundle!
Feasibility has to be checked with Made4You Team before.

Brief description:
If the standard box for the combined transport of all components ordered is too small, the customer specific accessories will be packed into a larger covering box together with the complete system.

- The customer gets a complete system with all accessories in one single carton.

- The product can be securely routed to the end customer avoiding the loss of components.

- Depending on the handling of the customer's rollout, the administrative work can be drastically reduced by cutting back the packaging for the system and the accessories.

The system and accessories are packed together, i.e. in a bag or in a carton. For a safe shipping the components are padded with cushions, dust covers or other alternative transport protection material.

31.00 PLN [SRP Netto]

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[PLN SRP Netto]
Kliknij i konfiguruj: CELSIUS C780 Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CELSIUS C780 CELSIUS C7804910.00
Kliknij i konfiguruj: CELSIUS C780power Kliknij po dodatkowe informacje: CELSIUS C780power CELSIUS C780power5423.00
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Zestaw budowany jest w fabryce Fujitsu.
Standardowy czas realizacji zamówienia: 3-4 tygodnie.




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